Scoring app - now on Mac or phone as well as PC

Scoring for horse driving trials

Here you can get my free scoring software for horse driving trials and info on how to use it.

There is an Excel version which needs Windows and Excel.

New in 2023 is the app version. This has all the features of the tried and tested Excel version as well as new additions. It is easier to use and runs on any modern browser, on PC, Mac, tablets or phones, on or off the internet. Doesn't need Excel. I recommend this version to new and existing users.

Both versions have the ability to timetable and score an event and can post the results for viewing on the internet with a single click and using minimum data.

The app for scoring horse driving trials

The scoring app allows you to score an event and post live or final results direct to the internet with one click. You can see results here for outdoors and here for indoors or your club can include them automatically on its website like this.

See a very brief video demo

How to get the app

Go to this address and the app will open in your browser.

Important: so you can use the app while you are not connected to the internet, you need to 'install' the app. You do this by Add to Home Screen on Android and Apple devices. Then close the browser and open the app from the new shortcut on your home screen. You only have to do this once.

Brief instructions on using the scoring app

You can also use the app to work out timetables for the competitions (dressage, cones, marathon) and publish those too with one click. It can automatically schedule marathon entries so they don't overtake and can highlight any turnouts who are sharing to help you rearrange.

If you also use my online entry system, the app can download the event details and entries from that. Otherwise you type or paste them in (slower and more error prone!). You can paste in data from BC's Myclubhouse entry system.

The very same app also scores indoor driving (ICD-UK) events. Go to the For organisers page of the ICD website for more indoor oriented instructions.

Excel scoring system

Just click the link, or on older browsers use right click then "Save .. As" to download these:

Hdt Scoring spreadsheet - instructions as pdf, Word doc. Please read

Latest: Hdt Scoring spreadsheet .xlsm - 5 June 2023 (fix display of Gateway and other tests)

Excel versions - older

Hdt Scoring spreadsheet .xlsm - 30 May 2023 (some fixes)
Hdt Scoring spreadsheet .xlsm - 4 April 2023 (Updated - 2023 dressage tests)
Hdt Scoring spreadsheet .xlsm - 13 April 2022 (Updated - handle/hide Short Format better)
Updated 6th April 2022 for 2022 rule changes. Hdt Scoring spreadsheet .xlsm - 6 April 2022 (Office 2010/2013 on)
Hdt Scoring spreadsheet .xlsm - 9 Sept 2021 now supports also USA format - test version
Hdt Scoring spreadsheet .xlsm 28 June 2021 (Office 2007/2010/2013 on)
older - Hdt Scoring spreadsheet .xlsm - 29 May 2019 (Office 2007/2010/2013 on)

Indoor Scoring spreadsheet and obstacle diagrams

Other hdt info

Powerpoints used at club hdt officials clinics:
Scoring slides 2022.
Scoring slides.
TD Role slides
(Grooms') Guide to horse driving trials (older), Word version, related Powerpoint
Understanding your score